That's me teaching the neighborhood kids.

That’s me teaching the neighborhood kids.

Like you, I have a burden for children who are ignored or bullied. I know that everyone wants to be included. Everyone has something they wish others knew about them. Maybe it’s the hurt they feel. Maybe it’s the talent they’d like to share. Everyone has feelings, hopes, and dreams.

My big dream is that children across the nation will begin to choose their friends in different ways. Children will not be popular simply because they are pretty, rich, smart, or just the right size. Everyone will be included. Even those with different appearances, who speak different languages, who have a disability…Their differences will be celebrated. Their hidden talents will be discovered. That will happen if more children see others with their heart eyes.

Are you a peacemaker? Are you good at organizing children? Do you like to include everyone—even kids who are ignored or teased?

Here’s why I wrote the Heart Eyes series:
When I was in third grade, I watched a little girl get bullied. Her name was Susan. She had very pale skin and wiry, stringy hair. At recess, she just sat all the time. In phys. ed. class she only watched other kids move around.
Many days, she was absent. She didn’t have any friends because she looked sickly. No one played with her. No one even wanted to stand near her in line.
One day our teacher said, “Boys and girls, Susan won’t be coming to school any more. Susan died.”
Susan had a very sad life. I regret not helping her. I lost my chance to make things better for her. I could have stood next to her in line. I could have talked to her during recess.
That was 50 years ago and I’m still sad.

Here’s why we need children who have heart eyes to help:
I grew up and became a parent. My son got bullied. I couldn’t be there to prevent the bullying.

I also became a teacher. Students would report bullying. It was hard to do anything about it because the bullies knew how to get away with bothering others. I wasn’t there when the bullying happened.

But, bystanders are everywhere. Many children see bullying and want to help, but don’t know how.

Others witness bullying and know how to reach out to the victims. They have great ideas. They know how to prevent bullying. They see others with heart eyes.

If that’s you, teach others how they can also see people with heart eyes.

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  1. My younger son (now an adult) has had to deal with tourettes syndrome all of his life… school was a huge problem, even though he was and is, intelligent, and has a great personality. He went on to make the best of his life, and overcame so many of the problems that go with this syndrome. I am so proud of him, and he has a very big compassionate heart!!!

  2. Hi Jan,
    Thanks for sharing your story. Your son’s testimony will encourage others. Not only did your son overcome so many problems, but maintained his “big compassionate heart!” I’m rejoicing with you. I’m sure it was a long journey. Your message is a powerful one: a child who has tourettes syndrome and has faced huge challenges CAN live a victorious life. I’m sure you were a great encouragement and support to him.
    I can just imagine what you went through, though (as your son was encountering such huge problems) . Having taught both in elementary classes and special ed. classes, I endured hearing harsh & uncaring comments made towards vulnerable students…students that I KNEW were so special inside (and so hurt by the bullying).
    It hurt me so much because that happened to my son as well. That’s why I wrote the picture book about bullying. So good came out of my hard times. Like your son, my son Chris kept his compassionate heart.

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